Tips on preparing for your Love Story Session

Don’t match. Okay, if you must, contrast it up with a colored cardigan or jewelry. Or both wear fall colors or both wear different shades of blue. I mean…how are we supposed to make a picture look cool when you’re both wearing khaki pants and blending in?! :D So by mixing up colors and textures you’re adding depth. Jewel-tone colors are loved, rich blues, purples, pinks or even reds. Try to stray away from browns, whites, or tans as it tends to wash out the skin.
Look at advertisements for inspiration.  Look at ads that are similar to your shoot. Companies hire professionals to create an outfit that is perfect to sell their product–so copy.
Whatever anyone is wearing, be as comfortable in the outfit as possible!  If you feel hot in it, you’re going to look hot in it!  If you feel fat in those pants,why are you even considering it?. The best pictures are when everyone is having fun, not feeling uncomfortable
Side Wear Notes to Consider:
  • Layers- It’s adding depth and something for the eye to be attracted to.  So bring your accessories!  Hats, scarves, tank top over a t-shirt, fun shoes, jewelry–bring it all out!
  • Bring a few options for clothes – What if the shoot is diverted to a different location that better suits another outfit, or maybe what you thought you’d be comfortable in……..wasn’t so much. The goal is to be comfortable and to feel great about yourself!