Tips on preparing for your Family Session

How to Prepare for a Family Portrait Shoot

If you’re wanting a great family shoot but are asking yourself “What exactly should I be preparing for?” Then you have come to the right place! I want our families to know what to expect when coming to a family shoot .

I truly want to create images that reflect your family, capturing who you are, on a day to day basis. This means ignoring the camera and interacting with your children as you would if we weren’t around.

Laugh, be silly, love on your kids and let them be themselves. When these types of authentic moments happen, the photos taken are so real and some of my favorites. The personalities of you and your children jump out of the photo.

Now here are some tips on how to make  it happen on your part.

First, pick your location. If you do not have a location in mind, we would be glad to help you with that but this is a great opportunity  to do something as family, that you all enjoy doing  together.

It might be your local park, or an ice cream shop you visit often. Now, there’s a chance that something doesn’t come to mind, so it might not be a location, but something your family does together. Maybe it’s kite flying or that great big bubbler that gets the kids so excited.

Whatever it is, as long as it is a part of your family, we are all about capturing it!

Second: Choose your outfits. Again, this is a time to show who you are.

Now let’s go ahead and get the question of “Should we all match?” out of the way but answering “No!” Unless you match as a family daily…why match in the photos?

Let the kids wear their favorite outfits or even costumes (because one day you’re going to miss your little boy running around in his super man cape). The outfit should be something that shows all the different personalities, but please make sure everyone is comfortable.

Third, speaking of comfort, remember snacks and drinks for the kids. This will make a world of a difference for the kids and the photos.

Fourth step goes out to families with younger children: If your child loves his/her little blanket or your little girl has a favorite doll then bring it along. It could make for some sweet memories.

Fifth and final step is for you and your family to enjoy, relax and be yourselves. If you are still worried we won’t get photos of the family all together smiling, we still make time for some of those too.

Give me a call to set up your next family portrait shoot. We look forward to hearing from you.