Children/Family Session

Children/Family Session

On one hand is kind of family photography, on the other – independent form of photography.

What could be better than a child? Weather at play or exploring surroundings children are such wonderful, genuine overly emotional and spontaneous. I began to learn more and more “The World of Child” when I became a mother. Shooting a kid that constantly moves is very difficult. We have to work with a living – but so expressive target. Therefore, art is not given to everyone. But all children are different: one can tinker with the toy for hours, and some are just cruising and can’t sit a minute. But this does not mean that the second case is hopeless for the shoot. Quite the contrary! The more active the child is, the richer his facial expressions, the more interesting it will be on pictures. That’s why I was fascinated not forced to shoot the child. Together with a child a try to catch moments of his joy, the gleam in his eyes and a happy smile. For parents, this is a priceless gift, especially when those moments delight their eye.

Sessions include mom, dad, and kids. Additional families wanting to be photographed at the session may do so at no additional cost.

These sessions usually take place at my home studio in Stamford, CT and/or at nearby parks,etc. (weather permitting).

If you choose to come to my studio, you will have the opportunity to use any backdrops and props that I have.
Mini Sessions available from time to time, especially on Holiday Season.Ā  Be sure to follow my blog to see when I have a day of mini sessions. Mini sessions allow you to save $$$