Light and Miracle came with baby

A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier. This child is no exception. She is adorable. She is loved. She is happy, she is my niece  – our new family addition that was born on a first day of Hanukkah. She is our miracle and may she grow old and live till 120!

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A Bundle of Love

Sugar & spice, everything seems nice. Oh my Gosh!! For this family it will happened twice!!!
I’ve attended this lovely event and unexpectedly for every one; (even for myself) I was shooting a little bit of everything. The food was delicious and I could not resist to take photographs before the party began.
I definitely look forward to this baby’s birthday. Wishing her family all the best and can’t wait to see her in my studio.


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Incredible journey.

Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting my friend Lina, who is expecting a baby boy. I’ve know this family only a few years but they are so dearly loved and always welcomed in our house. When you’re anxiously awaiting your baby’s arrival, pregnancy can feel like a lifetime, but not for this couple, as they always want to have a five years difference between siblings. Their lovely daughter Anya is on the verge of turning 6 and when asked: “Are you happy with the new changes coming in your life?” She shook her head and kissed Mom’s belly. I was ready to cry. It reminded me of my 2 year old kissing his baby sister in my tummy every night before he hit the sack. Anya was so exited about this session that she brought a bunch of dresses and props, but after her dance class she was a little tired and cranky plus she was missing a play date with my son, so she agreed to take few shots, leaving me and mommy alone for private shoot.
I am so exited to shoot this family again next week outdoors. “Father to be” unfortunately had to work that day, therefore I offered another session where I can capture dad’s emotions and their endless love expression to one another. That’s all for now…hoping that we will have fun and good weather will bless us to walk and to work.

Until then…

Love your IRT photographer.