A picture is worth a thousand words

The saying goes-‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Nowadays, social media and the concept of photo upload has immensely boosted the photography industry. But even the best moments captured by any camera need a slight retouch to achieve that perfect look which earns the picture great praises. Photo retouching in fact, is quite a flourishing business. Smartphones and laptops have opened up this arena for the average individual, by offering basic applications and software for improving the quality of a photo, or re-sizing.

Nevertheless, the quality and sophistication of a professionally edited photo is unparalleled. It adds an edge to your best memories, rendering it truly superb looks. And in some professions, professionally edited and retouched photos are a necessity for making a portfolio. Also, mastering the technical aspects of software like Adobe Photoshop is not a piece of cake for everyone, without proper training and practice.

This is not my view and not my shot of this gorgeous girl. I got this image from my friend who was not happy and satisfied with a photo session for her daughters graduation. I agreed to help to make this family happy. I personally love the original and if the photographer would just spend at least few minutes to enhance  the picture, I think my friend Irina would be delighted with the results. Words a side, it took me 20 minutes to set s proper lighting, boost colors, dodge the eyes (which I always use as a catch point for any portraiture sessions). Bonus was a retro vision of this image. I love and absolutely adore black and white images. They do bring so much life into the pose, beauty and the story that was told in collaboration of a camera, photographer and the model.


bonus option 1 option 3 blured background