A new path

When speaking with my girlfriends about sending your children to school for the first time, I often say I will be very emotional mom. It was two years ago with my son and I still remember it like it was today, 5 minutes ago.  I was wiping my tears after the bus picked him up from home. But it is different when your daughter begins her new journey to knowledge. As I was preparing her cloth from the night to the morning routine and special hair due, I was remembering myself. I was always dressed neatly and beautifully. My mother would spent the entire summer running from store to store, finding us very expensive European uniform and she always did extra from knitting to creating hair pieces. After we were done this morning, I looked at my precious gem, hugged her and cried. If only my mom would be with us, she would have been happy and emotional like me.

For all schoolchildren fall marks a new beginning. I wish my daughter to be as happy and as beautiful as she was back in Pre-School. May all her dreams come true and may this path to be as excited and interesting as it was while we were dreaming BIG!!!


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