“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

A situation in Ukraine for past few days took lots of my nerves. I have so many virtual friends living in an epicenter of the town. I have been worried, could not concentrate and got paranoid to the point that I did not want to leave a house for a job. I knew I have to do something with it, otherwise my worries would make me very sick. It is very hard for a sentimental and sensitive person like me to follow news of sorrow and nonhuman actions. One evening I got a box under my door. I forgot that we have ordered a headset. When both my son and I opened a box, we saw hot red color popping out of a bubble wrapper. Immediately after that, Nathan run to get his I-pad mini, plugged the cord in and just flew into the world of his famous tracks that we have downloaded for him. His true emotions changed my feeling right away. I hugged him (after taking few shots of course, I had to, that was the way to grab myself out of hands of depression) and felt so released. Thank you God for these wonderful moments and I wish every one the same happiness and comfort. And one more wish to the entire universe and may God hear me please: ““An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. PEACE” without it, nothing in the world counts.

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