A makeover

“A makeover is the re-branding of a human being.” But not the only human being…

Before, when she was little we had her room as pretty sample as possible. For little princess the room was painted in green (with a tiny bit of aqua in it) and decorated with Ariel a little mermaid. As Evelyn was growing she showed her love and affection to Minnie Mouse. Thus is why her second’s birthday theme was Minnie went shopping, and she was dressed as a cute “button” Minnie for her first day care Halloween Party.

Yesterday, her dream came true as we both had a good 3 hours at home alone. I bought giant stickers and together we started to created her own world of Disney. But, everything began with this chair (that was an early birthday gift) that the main character of this room seats on. Very adorable piece of furniture that perfectly fitted into this corner.

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