Don’t give up, your lucky minute is around the corner

Do you have a tendency to give up on things too early? I do, that’s why I harshly criticize my work, my appearance, my vision and everything I do. But, once you’ll find your self in the right place at the right time and lucky enough to have a right equipment in your purse (oh yes, I do carry lot’s of things in my bag besides a camera) and if you are unexpectedly catching a beauty of nature, you start to think differently. I’ve never thought that in my very own town in a place that I go at least three times a week, I will be able to capture a breathtaking sundown. I’ve seen so many sunrises and sunsets  in different parts of the world, but so far this is most beautiful one. Photographers carefully look at the forecast to calculate that what they call “a golden time”, and only then fully equipped go on the field to catch their masterpieces. I had only 3 minutes to present you these two images…FM19a