To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only dream, but also believe. My Graduate

“Knowledge is power.”- said Francis Bacon once, and it is a big statement.

Somebody, please wipe off those tears out of my eyes! I am very emotional today. I haven’t slept well last night was thinking about my son and his big journey. He was only three, when I brought him to All About Kids. He could not let me go the first day and was so quite and shy. These two years changed him and his view completely. He became such a big, smart, lovely, carrying for every one, very polite and accurate Pre-K graduate. I am blessed to be his mother. I love him and I truly wish that God will watch for him, and bless him with health, lots of new friends and very best in his future endeavors.  _MG_0128_MG_0065_MG_0043

and as usually with his kindergarten “sweetheart”