Macro with orange

Week 2 June’s Flash mobe is one of my favorite. I adore macro photography. Taking close-up pictures of small things is not easy, especially if your target is a moving object. In the past I’ve shot butterflies, bees and other insects, but this time I decided to take it easy. It was a party time for my niece and I was in charge of decorations. Just by looking at this party paper I was smiling because this rainbow role was a perfect macro target. Just pressing a shutter button twice, I got what I desired to show in the image. Perfectly blurred back ground ans sharp juicy colors of a rainbow. My son called it a sponge. It does look like on of them right?



With orange, it was a bit of a hassle. I did not want to have a simple image of citrus or flame in a fire-place. My heart was asking for something extraordinary. This image was taken in Puerto Plata botanical Garden. My heart was pounding like crazy. I am afraid of heights it is a phobia from my childhood, but I had to go there to take this priceless view. It’s an electric cart in the middle of mountains and when I saw an orange tower in the middle I knew right away it will be a perfect picture for my project. It was very hard to see it perfectly because of the fog, but as we were getting closer to it, I was shooting 3 to 5 frames in a few seconds. Overall it, was such a great experience and perfect way to fight the phobia.