FM end of May beginig of June

.Blooming tree and something delicious was the topic of the last week of May. I had a chocolaty mood and for that image I opened few small boxes of Godiva. I ended up eating everything at the end at 2 a.m..


The tree was shot in Botanical Garden, was lucky enough to catch that beauty.


June – I was lucky enough to open this month with beautiful views of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic front beach view. Was looking forward to catch the sunset or sunrise, but with kids it is very hard… different schedule, many obstacles…. but the first topic of landscape photography satisfied me enough to get this image


Catch an emotion by it’s tail – metaphor that I came up with for this topic. My baby doll Eva on vocation, playing pick-a-boo. Love this photo out of all shot that 5 minute of her good mood after short nap


More pictures from our journey to Dominican Republic might appear here. Stay tuned.