My first Trophy


I still could not believe myself that I decided to write a post about this gift I’ve received on my brother’s wedding. But every time I look at it I feel many dancing butterflies in my stomach. It is my pride hidden inside, and it’s seeks recognition.

There is a huge history behind this gift and only now, I realized why my brother expressed his feelings through this golden “dude” with my engraved name on it. Besides my passion for photography, I also like to write poems. I always thought that every girl who is deeply in love can write few lines here and there, but I’ve never believed that one day my immature feelings will find its own music. One day, when my brother Tim was helping me with cleaning and renovation of my room, he found my poetry book. He then immediately set on the corner of my messy bed and was reading page after page. I was so shy, turned all the colors that rainbow consist of. He came to me and asked if he can use my lyrics to fulfill  his biggest dream and desire to become a singing star. It was sometime in September 2001 when we both went to his friend’s home studio. The hard work began right after we picked the song, and we were working on our first record together for a whole year.

Thus our first CD was released, then another and our hard work rewarded us with many delightful changes. My brother got want he wants, he became famous in Russian Community in New York, then Florida, then slowly Russia. He is very talented and very dedicated individual, who was able to find a lovely wife, his friend his soul mate, who held his arm and pushed him towards his dream even more. Together they recorded this breathtaking love story song. The song represents their hearts, their minds and their future life together as one. I wrote this lyrics in the middle of year and without any doubts I knew that they will rock. They did…. They really did. Artem and Anna thank you guys for your hard work, for believing in me and for touching my heart with your duo.

P.S. I know that my co-author will also read my blog. Special thanks to you my dear for all your support and help. Also, Alex my dear composer, without you it would not happen. I am so lucky to be a small part of this team work. I love you all.

Enjoy the video. Two hearts, by Artem and Anna Roberts.