Little Santa

I have been missing photographing newborns so much. Yesterday night I had a great session with this adorable baby Jace. It came unexpectedly, as I was shooting family event in my son’s day care. I was invited to a family night of fun and exited activities. As I was preparing the back room for the session, the director of the center asked if I could photograph her newborn grandson. I was ready to scream, but realized that I am not prepared. I don’t even have a baby positioner with me, all those quite outfits, baskets and other props were home. My husband took care of it and brought me everything he was able to find on his own. Thanks baby, you know I love you :)

So after I finished with families it was a time for Jace. He was sleeping like a cuddly bear, so little and so handsome in his red outfit. Immediately I knew that he will be my Little Santa tonight, and he will make all my wishes come true. We only had half an hour left before the center would be closed for the night, that’s why we rushed into a photography. Caught quite a good moments. Here some of them.

Thanks to Jace mom, now I have another baby in my collection of sessions and I am so proud that within very limited time and luck of proper lighting, props and preparation I was able to capture some great shots that Jace and all his family will cherish for a lifetime.