Once upon a time…

Princess Maiya was born 5 weeks

I think this family was blessed with this sweet little pea. When I first met her, she was only 17 days old, and something clicked in mi mind. I was not hesitant to offer her mom Kimberly a session. It was not long ago in late August a week before our vacation. I left to a beautiful journey of Eastern Caribbean constantly thinking that baby Maiya will no longer be 17 days old again, and she will for sure be little more alert, not bendable, flexible and “squish-able”  anymore. As soon as we came back and settled for a new season I started to put my ideas together to custom this shoot as much as possible. I went shopping for props. I’ve spend $$$$ lot’s of it, because my emotions were controlling my mind and heart. I was searching for that unique doll bed for three days and was ready to order one from Amazon by Melisa and Dough, just plain white finish doll bed. As I was driving home, I passed Home Goods, and right at the window  display I saw this gorgeous black metal bed. What a discovery!!!! I grabbed it and run to the register and while I was waiting in the line, an old lady walks by and compliments on “doggy bed”. I could not even think of it as for a pet. It’s cozy, antique and surprisingly not that expensive When I got home, my daughter Evelyn who is little over 20 month old was trying to lay in it, but could not get her little tushhhhiiii in it. I literally had to hide this piece of furniture in my closet and it was not for long. I called Kim and threw few days to consider for an appointment. We did it. It was a great experience. I had so many ideas and I am glad things worked out fine. Maiya well behaved at least at the beginning, and then just got little tired, sleepy and fussy. She was eating in between shoots and changes of the scenery. We could not get her fully sleeping though, therefore those adorable composites that I could have made did not come a life, but it’s fine. I have a lot more to come.

I would like to thank Kimberly for this wonderful opportunity and for her constant support, patience and help to comfort Maiya through the whole 4 hours session. Together we captured some great shots and I know you will enjoy them for years to come.