It’s his Birthday.


Happy birthday baby, I want to see that big beautiful smile upon your face, When you blow out the candle and you cut your birthday cake-
Happy birthday baby, I’m just wishing you a happy birthday with this happy
birthday lines.

Few days ago, my dear nephew David turned two. I watched him growing and wondering on how fast the time flies. He was a bundle, little bundle of joy in our family; now that he is two things have changed. Yes, it’s a lot of work with a toddler growing in the house. There are lots of “may” and “may not”. Working with David was a bit hard but sure interesting. At first he was all excited about balloons, decoration and cake. We could not make him sit even for a minute and honestly I do not like posing my models especially when it comes to children. They are unpredictable like weather, and this fact turns me on. I literally have to lay on the floor to get that right angle and there is no time to think of what’s next. I was just shooting and shooting, catching the moments that will always live with our family. This child is very bright and special in my sisters’ family. She has been waiting for him ten years. I enjoyed photo shooting him, even though half of what I’ve planned could not be produced that afternoon.

I would like to thank my sister and my whole family for support and continuous help during this shoot. Together we captured some great shots and I know you will enjoy them for years to come.