Sophia – you are mer-mazing

This is a story of a girl whom parents waited for a long time. Since mom found out that she is pregnant with a girl she bought very beautiful handmade mermaid outfit. With that purchase came a dream of a session once baby Sophia is able to hold herself up. It took place in first week of October at our local beach. I visioned fall colors that are crisp and vibrant, but the sky was pale, the sand was dirty and water was grey. We still took a chance and I am so happy we made it happen. Lesson learned from this session “Dream big!”, be calm and trust your photographer.


The golden light!

There are many reasons to celebrate fall, and one of them is a day off from school and work. Crisp air and the first falling leaves I noticed during the session with my little model in late September. I took an initiative and asked my children to have a session for them. To be honest, being a mother with a camera at all the times while kids are growing is hard. They become so irritated, shy and not cooperative at all. That was all I needed, individual head shots and picture of them together. My biggest trade for that was a fun afternoon at trampoline place and sushi for lunch. It works almost all the time :-)

Sweet girl

“From the moment they placed you in your parents arms, you snuggled right into their hearts.”

I remember when I first met you. Little bundle of joy in your mom’s arms. Few years past by and we met again. I closed me eyes and my memories brought me back to the day you had a surgery. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is given to us to break us, it’s sure keeping us strong. Now by just looking at you I believe that miracles do happen. Thanks for being my model for the day.

Love and Happiness

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

My Friday night and a glimpse of the session I had with this beautiful couple. Meet Sam and Eddy with a unique story of their love, passion companionship, undivided support and attention. A story of the girl who truly inspired me. A girl who once said: “I am what I choose to become” and showed every one around her the meaning of life.


Children make your life important

A party of little children at play is one of the most beautiful sights in nature, and a sight which for the moment almost leads us to mistrust our theories of human misery. Little children are happy because they have no carking cares nor troublesome responsibilities, no painful memories and no anxious anticipations.

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams

If you have brother or sister, you are very lucky because they are perfect people who share your happiness and sorrow in this life. Occasionally, you will have different point of view with them, sometimes you argue and feel bad. Nevertheless, finally, your connection with your siblings never disappear.

I enjoyed very much spending a day with these boys. At first, since it was a gift for a baby shower, we were thinking just to have an outdoor session with baby Maxim, the old brother stepped in and asked to include him to this chapter. It was such a cleaver idea. This is how true love and much needed warm hearts should be. I was very happy that we finally could find some time to make it happen.

There is this girl who stole his heart and she will call him Daddy

We now live in a society where fathers are similar to mothers in providing care to their children. That presence and effort is the start of a bond that is very important between a father and a daughter.

It is also the reason why fathers are very influential in their daughter’s lives, especially when it comes to self-esteem and decision making. I am pretty sure this little girl will have a privilege of being daddies princess forever. Very thoughtful gift for the first Father’s Day and I was very happy to create this story and be part of their lives.

Children and pets

Animals have a positive influence on a child’s development. Pets give children companionship, improve their self-esteem, foster responsibility and of course when it comes for a photo sessions, the  joy and love paints a great picture of precious moments of connection. There is just something magical about the child’s face when they are given a chance to get close and personal with a puppy, bunnies, ducking or a baby goat.